Selective Field Analyzer SFA-S 30MHz -3GHz


Selective Field Analyzer SFA-S

Active broadband isotropic antenna combined with portable USB powered spectrum analyzer. OFA-S/SE antenna has frequency response independent of antenna or electric field orientation. It offers broad dynamic range for the variety of RF regulatory, safety, EMC, wireless and telecommunications applications. Spectrum analyzer SA-S displays the frequencies and field strength of selected signals, allowing all results to be viewed and stored on PC.

Analyzer SFA-S PIC1    SFA Screen

Omnifield Antenna® OFA-S/SE, consists of antenna head with handle and detachable power unit PU-5S. Antenna head has 3 antennas positioned normal to each other. Signals from each antenna are combined to allow output signal to be proportional to the absolute value of the field regardless of the field direction. Power unit contains gain stage, rechargeable battery and connectors for the antenna and output cable.

SA-S Picture

Spectrum Analyzer SA-S is equipped with powerful RF signal processing software, preprogrammed with OFA-S antenna factors, allowing the display of the measurement data in natural field strength or power density units.

Selective Field Analyzer SFA-S:

SFA Specification

Selective Field Analyzer SFA-S

Specification of the OFA-S:

  • • Antenna Sensor: Isotropic 3-Axis.
  • • Frequency range: 30 MHz – 3 GHz.
  • • Dynamic range: 10 mV/m – 300 V/m, for OFA-S antenna.
  •  Dynamic range: 1 mV/m – 30 V/m, for OFA-SE antenna.

• Dimensions:

  • Antenna Unit (LxD) 9.0″x2.75″.
  • Power Unit: 3.75″x2.25″x1.25″.
  • •Antenna rechargeable battery
  • Operation time: 8-16 hours.
  • •Warranty and Calibration Period: 1 year.

• Calibration certificate, traceable to UK NPL, with measured Antenna Factors and Rotational Isotropicity.

Specification of the SA-S

  • • RF Frequency Range: 1 Hz-4.2 GHz.
  • • Dynamic range: -140 to +15 dBm.
  • • Resolution Bandwidth: 1 Hz-250 KHz and 5 MHz.
  • • •Dimensions: 7″x3″x1″.
  • • Power: Powered by USB port.
  • • Warranty and Calibration Period: 1 year.

Standard SFA-S set Includes:


  • • Antenna unit OFA-S/SE.
  • • Power unit PU-5S.
  • • Spectrum analyzer SA-S.
  • • Custom 5 ft. ferrite beaded RF cable.
  • • AC/DC plug-in charger.
  • • USB cable for PC connection.
  • • Table tripod, mounting accessories.
  • •Users Manual with documentation.
  • • Rugged plastic storage case.
  • Optional Accessories
  • • Extendable 5 ft. tripod.
  • • Custom length RF cables.

Extended maintenance contract is available.

Purchasing the SFA-S:

Inquire about Selective Field Analyzer and Omnifield Antenna® by sending us an e-mail to moc.d1516446702tcme@1516446702dixe1516446702, or give us a call: 508-292-1833 and look at our web site: We can arrange the demonstration of Selective Field Analyzer SFA-S by our distributor in your country.


Calibration Details: Isotropic Antennas Calibration

  • • Calibration: Every antenna, cable and power module calibrated together with 5 feet cable and SA-S spectrum analyzer for AF.  UK NPL traceable Calibration Certificate is supplied with each unit.
  • 1) Antenna Factors (AF) at 16 specified frequencies in the frequency range30 MHz-3000 MHz (@ 1 V/m)2) Antenna Rotational isotropicity at every frequency.3) For Selective Spectrum Analyzer we provide a memory card with AF data.

– Keep unit calibrated. We recommend calibration once a year in our NIST traceable EMC Test Lab.


– To convert the electric field strength E (V/m) into power density S (uW/cm2) use formula: S=E2/3.77. To calculate the value of the magnetic field H (far field region) use the relationship: E/H=377 Ohm.



RF Transmitter Certification (Frequency Selective)

Field strength measurements around power transmitters clustered in one location.



In the field.



Isotropic antenna.


Traceable Calibration (UK NPL).



Isotropic Antenna OFA-S/SE (30 MHz-3 GHz).

Selective Field Analyzer SFA-S.



Laptop PC (for SFA-S/SE).


                                                                                       Enviromental and RF “Smog” Monitoring

Monitoring of the environmental RF spectrum, selective or broadband



In the field, industrial or living spaces, portable or permanently installed, networked.



Isotropic antenna.

Traceable calibration (UK NPL).


Isotropic Antenna OFA-S/SE (30 MHz-3 GHz).

Selective Field Analyzer SFA-S/SE.

Portable Spectrum Analyzer (for OFA-S/SE).

Laptop PC (for SFA-S/SE), unless networked.