New Active Broadband Isotropic Antenna OFA-G: 30 MHz-6 GHz, 0.5 mV/m-50 V/m

January 24, 2018


OFA-G_with SA in hand_2   OFA-G USB SA PC 1


EMC Test Design, LLC introduced a newest model of our patented Omnifield Antenna®: OFA-G.

It has  wide frequency range 30 MHz-6 GHz, wide 100 dB dynamic range, high sensitivity – together with smaller size and smaller weight, offering a unique isotropic antenna instrument for RF spectrum monitoring and selective field strength measurements.

Due to our revolutionary technology this antenna operates with any spectrum analyzer – without any additional software – right of the box.  We also offer a Selective Field Analyzer kit that includes OFA-G combined with USB spectrum analyzer SA-S (up to 4.4 GHz) or SA-J (up to 12.4 GHz), supported by the powerful PC software for real time signal analysis. 


LBA Group, Inc. becomes an EMCTD distributor.

February 19, 2017

LBA Group, Inc. consists of Lawrence Behr Associates, Inc., offering consulting services, hardware oriented LBA Technology, Inc., and LBA University.

Since 1963, the common focus of LBA is RF and wireless applications and communications, primarily in the government and commercial sectors worldwide.

LBA Technology designs and manufactures sophisticated antenna tuning and coupling systems and provides transmission system design-build integration, for the low, medium and high frequency radio frequency bands at power levels to 1,000,000 watts, worldwide.

LBA University offers nationwide courses on RF safety and risk management, regulatory OSHA and occupational health and safety issues and compliance certification training.

LBA Group will carry EMC Test Design, LLC field strength probes and meters with specific focus on RF safety applications.

See our products on LBA Group web site:


NEW! Isotropic Ultra Broadband Electric Field Probe PI-05 1 MHz- 40 GHz, 2 – 1000 V/m

May 13, 2014






EMC Test Design, LLC adds a new Isotropic Ultra Broadband Electric Field Probe
PI-05: 1 MHz- 40 GHz, 2 – 1000 V/m.

Modern design probe PI-05, extends the requirements of most EMC and RF safety standards for industrial, military and radar communication applications.
High overload field strength limit and operation up to 40 GHz makes this probe a versatile measuring tool for all applications including the microwave K-Band.  This probe works with all RFP-05 type meters.

NEW! Insulated Modem for Smart Fieldmeter® Digital RFP-05M

November 17, 2013

IMG_0931Insulated Modem with fiber optic link allows fully wireless operation of Smart Fieldmeter® Digital RFP-05M while maintaining the bidirectional communication with PC. Pictured is FOLK-02 kit that contains two modem-converters and bi-line fiber optic cable.  For applications where only USB connection is required, the single IM-MU modem allows full RF isolation while providing the charging and bidirectional communication with PC through USB port.